Community Meetings and Feedback

A great deal of work had been done prior to our team joining the project. Much had been suggested and thought about. As we proceed, our role is to collate previous discussions with ongoing conversations.  We have provided a large forum Community Consultation Meeting for each phase of the project: Introduction, Statement of Purpose, Visitor Experience Plan. Each of these meetings, as well as supplemental web-based surveys, have produced thoughtful dialog and concise feedback for our team. We will host a Community Consultation meeting related to Concept Design that will garner feedback on the design of the entity.

We are supplementing these Community Consultation meetings with additional small group listening sessions and on-location conversations during the summer and early fall of 2018. These additional public session will engage even more of the community in finalizing the approach and design that meets the desired results for learning, remembering, healing, and understanding the significance of this site, its related sites, and its bearing on Richmond’s history, our US history and our ability to continue to eliminate bias and prejudice.


Richmond Public School Workshops Planning for the Fourth Community Consultation Meeting