Gray & Pape

Gray & Pape, Inc. is a national consulting firm specializing in heritage management and historic preservation services. During its 30 year history, the firm has established a reputation for providing superior advice on heritage management. Gray & Pape staff have experience in all phases of heritage management studies, from archival research and analysis of cultural landscapes, to archaeological and architectural site survey, and completion of state-of-the-art mitigation studies. The firm understands the importance that heritage sites have within their communities, and works to research, document, and protect these assets for future generations. 

Project Role

Gray & Pape is leading the project team in placing the archaeological remains from the Lumpkin’s Slave Jail Site into context, and providing guidance for further archeological research at the site. Gray & Pape is also responsible for completing historical research and coordinating with government authorities to prepare nomination of the site to the National Register of Historic Places, the National Landmarks list, and possibly designation as a World Heritage site.

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Archaeology and Historical Designations


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